Crystal Clear Synthesis Modules and Controllers

EuroRACk Modules

New Electronic Synthesizer Modules focused on waveform generation, effects and control for the creative wanting to make those both brand new and classic sounds sounds. The module use the Eurorack form factor, hog less panel space and give more expression and capability.


More Coming Soon

Acrylic Modular has the notion that modular synthesis should be used much more in the new sound development environment & in performance. There is just not enough human to synth interfaces to express our musical ideas. So look for our new products this year to revolutionize & inspire your music....


Inspiring Synthesizer Controllers for the modern synthesizer composer and performer. Developed to bring more expression to your fingertips, novel features such as multi-synthesizer, multi-tasking & dynamic configuration allow you to accomplish greater things.

 Acrylic Modular

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